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from 7:00 am 28th of Jan, 2016 until 7:00 pm 31st of Jan, 2016
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Ágens Fotóművészeti Galéria (Budapest II. Fő u. 73.)
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1. Auctioning conditions
Items to be auctioned may be viewed at the exhibition preceding the auction and at the and web sites. Descriptions of items and illustrations serve only identification purposes, auction customers will have to check themselves the items for condition and correspondence to description. Perlensis Ltd. reserves the right to leave certain items out of auctioning.

2. You can place your bids on the four-day online auction (7:00 a.m. 28/01/2016 to 7:00 p.m. 31/01/2016) after registration. Registered users must provide their user name and password to enter.

2.1 Process of registration
The functions related to login are shown on the left side of the web page. These are: registration, login, reminder of user name and password.

Here are the steps of registration:
1. Completion of the registration form. Fields marked with an exclamation mark are obligatory. The system checks the correct form of the e-mail address. All user names in our web site must be unique, which we check during registration. The entered password must be at least 6 characters long, it may contain numbers, small and capital letters. Special characters and spaces are not allowed in the password. After the successful submission of the registration form the following message will be displayed:

"Registration Complete!
Your registration requires email confirmation and approval. Please follow the confirmation steps sent to you in email.
Once approved you will be sent an acceptance notice to the e-mail address you entered.
When you receive approval then you will be able to log in.

2. You will receive notification to the specified e-mail address. Depending on your mailing system, our message may be directed to the Junk/Spam folder, so please check those folders, too, for our notification on registration. The e-mail message will include an Internet link, please click on that link to confirm your registration. After that you will receive the following message:
"Thank you for confirming your Email Address. Your account requires approval by a moderator. You will receive an email with the outcome of the review."

3. Now it is our turn. After that, our staff will check your details and authorize or reject your registration. We will notify you on the result of the check by e-mail.

4. After the acceptance of your registration you can log in to our web site.

3. The process of bidding

1. registration
2. loging in:
3. reviewing the items
4. biding: possible for on item at a time
5. biding: (7:00 a.m. 28/01/2016 - 7:00 p.m. 31/01/2016)

3.1. Registered users must push the bidding button at the auction object they wish to bid for. With the first bid, you can accept the starting price, after this must be considered the increment defined by the bid stair.
Bidding stair:

               Last bid (HUF):                           Amount of increase (HUF):

between  1.000,-    and 10.000,-                           500,-
between 10.000,-   and 20.000,-                         1.000,-
between 20.000,-   and 50.000,-                         2.000,-
between 50.000,-   and 100.000,-                       5.000,-
between 100.000,- and 200.000,-                      10.000,-
between 200.000,- and 500.000,-                      20.000,- etc.

4. How a sale is made
User placing the highest latest bid for an item before the closing time  ( 31st of Jan, 2016 7:00 p.m.) of the bidding wins the item. No further bids for the item is possible after the auctioning has been closed. The gallery contacts the winning bidder to arrange receipt of the item, and settling the price.

5. Payment of the selling price
5.1. The selling price is the total of the hammer price the auctioning commission and the difference VAT. The selling price can be paid after the auction in the gallery in cash or by bank transfer and by PayPal transfer. In the event the buyer is unable to collect the object bought in the auction from the gallery, then he is obliged to have it taken away as per paragraph 7.2. Buyer must pay the full selling price within 8 working days of the auction. If buyer fails to pay the full selling price within this period, Perlensis Kft has the right to cancel the sale.

5.2. The Buyer shall pay 16% of the hammer price up to 100,000 HUF, and 11% of the hammer price if the
hammer price is over 100,000 HUF on the title of auction commission.

6. Receiving the auction item
6.1 Once the buyer has paid the full purchase price the auction item can be collected at the Perlensis Photographic Gallery.

6.2. Buyer shall make arrangements to carry away the purchased object at his own cost and risk. Failure to do this renders Perlensis Ltd. free from all responsibility for damage to or loss of the object and 5% storage fee is charged from the eighth day after the auction. If the buyer despite the calls that follow the auction fails to transport the auction item, then in this event after six months Perlensis Ltd. can sell the item freely (even outside an auction) and treats the sum remaining after costs has been subtracted as deposit for the benefit of the buyer until the end of the limitation period.

7. Purchase order
7.1. In the event auction customer does not wish to be present personally at the auction, Perlensis Ltd. will place bids on behalf of the principal on the basis of a proxy given by him. The absent auction customer shall pay to Perlensis Ltd. the 30% of the amount fixed in the order as advance until the start of the auction (7:00 am. 28/01/2016). If the purchase by proxy is successful the whole of the advance money is to be considered as down payment and in other things (time of purchase price payment, receiving auction item etc.) the rules referring to customers attending in person must be applied. If for the same auction item a third person gives a proxy for a higher amount, or the bidders place a higher bid or if the bidding stair identical with the limit of the absent bitdder falls to another bidder, the absent bidder will be paid back the advance money without any deductions.

8. Limitations
8.1. Purchase price is obtained as a result of bids from the bidders, so for this reason Perlensis Ltd. disclaims any responsibility relating to the purchase price of the auction item, and cannot be obliged to put the same auction item under hammer for the same price at a later auction.

8.2. Auction items are sold together with all their defects and deficiencies in a condition they have been during the auction.

8.3. No objections can be made or exceptions taken after knock-down except if the auction item shown as authentic in the list is not an authentic piece of work of art. Should that be the case the buyer has the right to file a complain within five years of the day of the auction. Perlensis Ltd. agrees to take back the sold item from those that file a complaint within five years of the day of the auction and return the total sum of the hammer price and auction commission, if an independent expert confirms that that is not authentic.

9. Prohibited behaviour
All such behaviours that aim to influence the auction, the bidding or the hammer price, or to circumvent the Auction Regulation by way of fraudulent conduct are prohibited.

10. Confidentiality
10.1. We store registration data on our web page on the server of Data may be provided voluntarily or with the approval of the affected party. We shall never disclose personal data to third parties. We shall never connect the data provided with another database. We do not employ third party data processing contractors. Perlensis Ltd. shall not be entitled to use the registered personal details (name and address) for any purposes except marketing (sending informational materials, invitations, etc.), unless the buyer of the auction prohibits that after the auction. At the request of the affected party, we shall provide free information about how personal details are managed, or the affected party may request data correction or deletion. We shall delete personal data if they are retained illegitimately, the affected person requests so, the purpose of data
retention no longer applies, the term of data retention specified by law has expired, or a competent court or the data protection Commissioner has ordered deletion.

11. Miscellaneous provisions
In respect of issues not dealt with in this Auction Regulation the provisions of the Civil Code are applicable. In the event of a legal dispute the parties agree, subject to value limit, on the exclusive jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Court or the Pest Central District Court.

Please send any questions regarding participation in the online auction to the address of This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Perlensis Advertising and Trading Ltd.

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